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Flame UV-VIS Fiber Optic Spectrometer 200 - 850nm

FLAME miniature fiber optic spectrometer UV-VIS user changeable slits

Flame UV-VIS spectrometer 200-850nm with user interchangeable slits. Save money by trading in old spectrometer.

  • Price: $3,384.00

CHEMUSB4-VIS-NIR VIS Spectrophotometer 350-1000nm

miniature fiber optic spectrophotometer for VIS-NIR absorbance

The CHEMUSB4-VIS covers the 300 - 1000nm range and is optimized for absorbance measurements. It comes with a built in tungsten source and a 1 cm cuvette holder.

  • Price: $3,638.00

Reflection Accessory for 45/90 geometry

reflection 45/90 45/45 fiber optic works with QR400 and R400 probes fiber optic quartz collimators Ocean Optics spectrometers

Fiber Optic Reflection Accessory for 45/90 orientation, whith lenses

  • Price: $584.00

Reflection Probe Holder 30 degree large area quartz window

reflection probe holder with window for powders, lizards, plants and other irregular samples.

Fiber Optic Reflection Probe holder with large area window

  • Price: $175.00

NEOFOX SPORT Optical Oxygen Sensor Electronics

NEOFOX Sport portable optical oxygen sensing, pO2, O2, concentration in gases, water, liquids, dissolved oxygen, DO, Zero Drift Sensors

The Neofox Sport uses phase fluorometery electronics to measure the fluoescence decay, and the quenching effects of O2, on any of our ZERO DRIFT optical sensors.

  • Price: $3,427.00

RCT O2 Sensor removable sensor cap and embedded thermistor

O2 sensor probe with removable sensor cap and thermistor, RCT style

Fiber Optic Oxygen probe, removable sensor disc and embedded thermistor

  • Price: $720.00

Disposable macro Fluorescence 4 sided cuvette UV

PMMA UV cuvettes disposable 4 clear sides for fluorescence

Disposable UV Cuvette, 10 mm pathlength, 4 clear sides, 285nm - 750nm, 2.5 - 4.0 ml 100/pk

  • Price: $69.00

1-Q Quartz Cuvette Open Top Standard, Absorbance

quartz cuvettes, 1-Q-10 all styles for spectrophotometers, absorbance, fluorescence, flow through UPS ground included

Quartz rectangular cell with open top 1 - 100mm pathlength

  • Price: $81.37

VIS Spectroradiometer Rental - with fiber, cosine corrector R2

VIS radiometer with cosine corrector for rent

#R2 USB2000+VIS-NIR Spectroradiometer with fiber and cosine corrector 350-1000nm

  • Price: $249.00

HG-1 Argon Wavelength Calibration Source

Mercury Argon Hg-A discharge tube wavelength calibration standard

Fiber Optic light source for calibrating spectrometers in the UV and VIS wavelength range

  • Price: $525.00

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