DMV Bio Cell short path ultra low volume cuvette

The Starna Demountable Micro-Volume (DMV) Bio-Cell uses advanced precision micro-machining techniques and materials to produce a patented high energy optical system which ensures that sufficient energy is available to measure low volume samples accurately and reproducibly across a wide absorbance range. This elegant solution to a classical problem results in a cell that fits all standard spectrophotometer cell holders without alignment issues or the energy losses associated with other designs.

The DMV-Bio Cell is available in 0.5, 0.2 and 0.125mm path lengths for direct analysis of sample volumes of less than 2.5 micro liters (down to 0.6 micro liter) for all life science applications. The patented cell design utilizes a magnetic closure mechanism to facilitate rapid filling/emptying plus easy cleaning of the cell for convenience and to prevent carryover.

The Starna DMV-Bio Cell is a new solution to an old problem for the rapid quantification and assessment of sample purity for nucleic acids and proteins.


quartz cuvettes, 1-Q-10 all styles for spectrophotometers, absorbance, fluorescence, flow through UPS ground included
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