FL-400 Heat resistant fiber optic probe

The FL-400 is a heat-resistant fiber optic probe that couples via a fiber and splice bushing to our spectrometers to measure in situ emission spectra. Typical samples include dissolved metals and high-temperature plasmas, but these probes are also useful for measurements close to a high-temperature object like a furnace or flame.


The probe an also be coupled with a standard platinum wire flame loop to observe spectra of ionized species in flame loop tests


Engineering Specifications FL-400
Fiber core diameter: 400 µm
Probe length: 20 cm (8″)
Fiber core/cladding: Silica
Fiber core/cladding diameter: 400 µm/440 µm
Fiber buffer: Gold
Fiber buffer/tube diameter: 510 µm/0.9 µm
Wavelength range: 300 – 1100 nm
Probe sleeve (ferrule): Stainless Steel
Flame loop: Nickel chromium wire, 24 AWG
Temperature range: -269ºC to 750ºC
Numerical aperture: 0.22
Connector: SMA 905


Ocean Optics flame loop probe - Spectrecology
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