Reflection Probe Holder 30 degree large area quartz window

This accessory holds a 1/4" OD fiber optic reflection probe at a 30 degree angle to a flat quartz window. This allows the probe to sense diffuse reflection without any back reflection from the window. The window presents a large 1" diamter area for pressing against irregular solids such as powders, grains, soils, plants and animals.


Model Number SE-112802
Materials Fused Silica, Aluminum (black anodized)
RoHS Compliant Yes
Max. Bake Temperature 80 °C
Max. Operating Temperature 80 °C
Max. Vacuum Level Air Service
Length / Height 2.30 Inch
ID 0.25 Inch
OD 1.00 Inch
Operating Wavelength 250~2000 nm


reflection probe holder with window for powders, lizards, plants and other irregular samples.
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  • Item #: SE-112802
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Price $175.00

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