SE-R400-UV-SWIR Broad Range Reflection Backscatter Probe

New! Broad range optical fiber covers 200 - 2200nm range. The SE-R400-UV-SWIR is a 2m assembly, 6 fibers around 1, 400um broad range 0.22 na silica fiber. The common probe end is a 1/4" OD stanless steel ferrule that is 3" long. The bifurcation is at 0.5m from the end. Jacketing is interlocked stainless BX with extra strength strain reliefs.

Broad Range Fiber eliminates the need to have high OH and low OH fiber types on hand to cover both the UV range (200-750) and the NIR - SWIR range (750 - 2200nm)


Engineering Specifications Premium-grade Reflection Probes
Probe ferrule material: Stainless steel
Probe ferrule length: 76.2 mm (3″)
Probe ferrule diameter: 6.35 mm (1/4″)
Probe fiber bundle: 6 illumination fibers around 1 read fiber
Numerical aperture: 0.22 ± 0.02 (equivalent to an acceptance angle of 24.8° in air)
Stainless steel BX
Connectors: Precision SMA 905
Length: 2 m
Breakout: 0.5m from one end
Fiber core size: 600um
Wavelength range: 200 – 2200 nm 
Operating temperature: -20 °C to 80 °C


Spectrecology broad range UV - SWIR Fiber Optic reflection Probe
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